1 to 12 Australian Animals Puzzles (LAST SET)

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1 to 12 Puzzle Australian Animals              

24 pieces  - approx. 8 x 8 cm each

3yrs +

A new look for our 1 to 12 Counting Tiles!  We have introduced real images of Australian Animals, that pair beautifully with the new laser engraved number tiles.  These counting tiles will promote number matching and counting recognition as children count up the number of animals on each tile and match it with the corresponding number tile.  This is also a fun introduction to some our unique Australian native animals and the engraved number design adds a great tactile sensory component.

Educational Applications


Using a puzzle table children can put these tiles in to sequence and match the numbers with the pictures. A numeracy table is also a great way to use this puzzle.

Group Setting

Perfect to use in a group game of memory where children are able to match the numbers and picture tiles.


Take the picture pieces outside and start searching! Children need to find as many animals as on their picture puzzle piece.This puzzle is available with or without the number tiles. Thi encourages children to explore their outdoors, and learn to engage with their environment, learning where animals can be found and also learning to count as well. 

Learning Opportunities

Enhances problem solving skills and fine motor skills by manipulating the puzzle pieces to find where they go. Builds hand eye coordination, Strengthens cognitive and memory skills. Promotes confidence to explore and discover outdoor environments.


Made using 3mm plywood, this is an all Australian Made And Owned product.

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