Tactile Sensory Tiles Hand Held Set of 8

Tactile Sensory Tiles Hand Held Set of 8

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Tactile Sensory Tiles Hand Held Set of 8

Hand Held Tile - 8 x 13 cm with textured insert approx 5 x 8.5 cm

Young children will enjoy exploring their sense of touch with these tactile tiles. Used in an educational format, they can promote inquiry and vocabulary development by asking the children questions about the textures and encouraging them to use descriptive words in their answers.  These tiles can also be used to enhance and develop attention and concentration, as well as helping to make some environments and sensations more manageable.  

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Educational Applications


Learning through touch, children will love feeling these sensory tiles. Engaging their senses they will learn about textures while opening ip discussions about each tile, colours, textures etc.

Group Setting

Use to play a game in the group, each child chooses a tile and feels the surfaces, they then have to think of something in real life that feels the same. Each child takes a turn. Learning through touch and using their own experiences to engage with the group.


Take the tactile tiles outside and while touching the pieces discuss each one. what does it feel like? can they find something in nature that has a similar tecture? Can the children find their own sensory pieces in nature, rocks, branches, leaves etc and discuss what they feel like. Can they make their own tactile tiles from nature?

Learning Opportunities

Research opportunities, sensory development, confidence, promoting discussion, imagination, discovery.


Hand Held Tile - 8 x 13 cm with textured insert approx 5 x 8.5 cm

Made using 3 mm plywood, this is an all Australian Made And Owned product.

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