24 piece Double Sided Matching Game

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24 piece Double Sided Matching Game

Board approx. 25 x 30 cm & tiles approx. 6.5 cm square 

3yrs +

Each side of the board features 12 brightly coloured Australian themed images.  The object of the game is to find the matching image from the individual tiles and place on the board.  This activity is great for cognitive development - by improving a child's concentration and ability to find similarities and differences in objects, as well as increasing their attention to detail and short term memory.  It is also an engaging way to introduce kids to some of Australia's amazing plants and animals!

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Educational Applications


An induction to Australian fauna and flora. Extend on a child's interest in games and hide the card and give clues until the child gets the piece right. A great one on one game to help children settle and connect with their educator.

Group Setting

Set up as quiet play encourage children to engage with each other in conversation. Ask open ended questions to foster learning through play. Children will discover and learn about Australian native Fauna and Flora.


Test their knowledge! Take the children outside to discover their puzzle pieces in nature! Use the board as a check list for a treasure hunt and try to find all the creatures and plants. Discuss each find, where it was found, its uses, scents, and abilities.

Learning Opportunities

The visual memory involved and the identification of patterns and relationships and similarity and difference help children to learn about early representation and problem solving. Matching and sorting activities can also develop fine motor skills. Cognitive development, critical thinking skills and helps children nurture their attention to detail.


Board approx. 25 x 30 cm & tiles approx. 6.5 cm square 

This product comes in its own organza drawstring bag.

The board is made of 6mm ply, the tiles are made from 3mm plywood & this is an all Australian Made And Owned product.

*** These boards now do not have the lines around the pictures as shown in some images and are now on 3mm board***

This product can be posted within 1-3 business days of ordering.  For further information please refer to our FAQ's page.

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