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Dino Footprint Tiles

Set of 8

10 x 11cm incl. frame per piece 

3yrs +

Ignite your childs’ fascination for dinosaurs with our set of 8 Dino footprint tiles.  One side features a printed image of the dinosaur on perspex, and their fossilised footprint (also known as ichnites) is engraved in timber on the other side, as well as their name. 

From birdlike claws, to multiple toes and stumpy hooves, much of what we know about these ancient creatures has been obtained from their footprints, found all around the world.  How big they were, how they stood (on 2 or 4 legs) and even how fast they moved.  These are a great resource to teach kids about the different types of dinosaurs that lived so long ago.

This set comes in its own organza drawstring bag.

This is an all Australian Made and Owned product.

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