5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 5 Little Bears

Most of you probably already know that 5 Little Bears was named after Leanne Murner's (the founder) 5 boys. Leanne creates amazing toys for children with education and sustainability in mind. 

But did you know...

1. Leanne is a children's book author with 3 of her series of 6 already published, with the remaining 3 books hitting the shelves later this year.  That's right, as if being a mum to 5 kids and a successful business owner wasn't enough! Leanne also keeps extra busy writing interesting and educational children's books. 

Her books are inspired by her adventurous boys. They take you on a journey of Australian native bush discovery. Leanne has created the books to be entertaining but also full of Aussie facts about native plants, indigenous culture and wild life. You can check out her books here.

Leanne also co wrote 'Back Yourself' which is inspiring guide for women in business. Combining the inspirational stories and expert advice of 27 women in business sharing life changing stories about what can happen when you learn to back yourself.

2. 5 Little Bears is run by a team of Mums. Being a mum, it can be so tricky to find a job that fits into your availability. Leanne has created a work environment that is flexible, that way when we (the mums) are needed due to sick kids, school activities, dance concerts, sports and all the other kid related events that pop up ALL THE TIME we know it won't affect our employment. Generally speaking Leanne has ensured that her staff can work AND be a mum, with all the perks. Go team!

3. When we say hand made we mean HAND MADE! Nothing is outsourced here. The 5LB team are literally loading the machines, packing the orders, printing the tags everything is done here and by us, the Mum team. When you place an order we don't just pick and pack, usually we need to make it. There are sometimes several components to products too, gluing, cutting, printing, designing, marketing, you name it we are doing it! We even have brain storming sessions to create new products! So when your order is placed, trust me we are all doing a happy dance!

4. 5 Little bears is an international business. We currently have distributors in the US and Canada along with wholesalers in Singapore, and Taiwan. We love that our Australian made and themed products are so well received over seas. You cant help but feel a wave of pride when you get an order from an international supplier who loves your products. 

5. 5 Little Bears was not Leanne's first successful business. Leanne first established Personalised Keepsakes which has since been down sized due to the resources needing to be transferred to 5 Little Bears. Personalised Keepsakes was a very successful photography packaging business with personalised engraved boxes amongst other products. Leanne always new there was something missing from her business, there was a creative void in her heart that just wasn't being fulfilled. She always felt drawn to Australiana and with her family complete she finally took the leap and created 5 Little Bears. So I guess it could be said that Personalised Keepsakes was the parent business to 5 Little Bears and one may not have existed without the other. It was a necessary stepping stone which ultimately lead her to her soul purpose.

Since the business is no longer taking new orders Personalised Keepsakes has a lot of amazing clearance products. If you fancy a bargain check them out here.

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