About Leanne

Leanne Murner is a global-award-winning author, international speaker, mentor and entrepreneur based in Newcastle, NSW and mother to five boys.

Leanne is widely known for her multi-award-winning children's series of six books. Each book educates children on wildlife preservation and regeneration in Australia to align with her vision.

The series, illustrated by Kat Fox educates children to identify native flora and fauna, who and what relies on them to survive, and their ecosystems. Most importantly, it teaches kids how they can help and prevent extinction!

She has gained national and global recognition with a swag of awards, including.

'Franki and the Banksia', which won the Nature category award at the prestigious NYC Big Book Awards 2021, `

Oliver and the Eucalyptus Tree` Finalist in the Book Excellence Awards in the children's Education category in 2022

`My Hollow Home` Gold in the MMM Press Awards - Children's Education in 2022 and Bronze in the Global Book Awards in 2022 and Distinguished Favorite NYC Big Book Awards 2023.

Leanne teamed up with Claudette Chant and created an Australian Activity book Discover Australian Flora and Fauna allowing children to play, create, discover and explore the outdoors.

More recently Leanne just released My Underground Home, the life told through the eyes of the earth worm, this book answers what life is like under the soil illustrated by Natalie Herington from Bird valley.

New to the collection is Butterfly Whispers and Luca Learns to Grow launching in October 2023.

Leanne co-authored in 'Back Yourself' (2020) and Think Limitlessly (2022) highlighting her business and personal journey.