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My Hollow Home

Reviewed By Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

There are so many beautiful and wonderful things to explore in Australia, from the Tasmanian Devil, the Pellucid Hawk Moth, and the Southern Cassowary to learning about the Thylacine Tiger that once roamed the land.

In the thought-provoking children's book, My Hollow Home by Leanne Murner, with illustrations by Vanessa Liebenberg, your child will be able to understand how the ecosystem works when a eucalyptus tree has been damaged. These trees offer so many special uses to the environment and are essential in keeping nature balanced due to the many animals and insects that depend on them.

Each living creature is reliant on others to survive and by doing their part they're able to turn something that's compromised into something that flourishes.I learned a lot from reading this book because we've always been told that termites (white ants) are bad, but in My Hollow Home by Leanne Murner I was given another perspective.

Your child will learn the benefits of trees (particularly a eucalyptus) outside of providing shade, oxygen, and food. I also saw this book as a call to action to do our part in influencing climate change. Without trees, we will all suffer.

Trees improve the air quality, help regulate the temperature, minimize land erosion, decrease noise pollution, and stimulate plants and wildlife.

To help improve your child's vocabulary and cognitive skills, Leanne provides some interesting facts about many of the animals mentioned in the book. These had me in awe and piqued my curiosity, causing me to want to learn more. Get your copy today and help your child to expand their mind by learning more about the world around them. Highly recommended.