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Welcome to Planetary Press and Publishing, we are passionate
about nurturing creativity and guiding aspiring writers on their journey to
becoming successful authors. Our mission is to provide a supportive and
comprehensive platform for writers, offering a wide range of services to assist
authors in achieving their dreams.
Founded by Global Award-Winning Author Leanne Murner, a
passionate storyteller and a mum to 5 boys based in Newcastle NSW Australia.
Leanne has bought together a team of experienced editors, Illustrators, and
publishing professionals creating a dedicated community that understands the
challenges and joys of the writing process. We believe that every writer has a
unique voice and story to share with the world. Our team is committed to
providing a nurturing environment where creativity thrives, and authors can
confidently take their work to the next level.
Our personalised guidance and support to new authors
continues throughout the publishing process. We can provide you with one of our
experienced mentors to help you hone on your writing skills, refine your
manuscript, and navigate the world of publishing.
We take pride in being a one-stop-shop for writers seeking
to turn their manuscripts into beautifully crafted books. Whether you are just
starting your writing journey or are an established author seeking support in
the self-publishing world, we've got you covered.
At Planetary Press and Publishing, we value the creative
journey and the unique voice of each author we work with. We are dedicated to
fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment where writers can thrive
and find support every step of the way.
Join us on this new adventure as we celebrate the joy of
storytelling and the magic of becoming a published author. Whether you're a
seasoned writer or an aspiring wordsmith, Planetary Press and Publishing is
here to make your dreams of becoming a successful author a reality.
Together, let's write the next chapter of your literary