Get back to nature with these crafty educational ideas!

Franki and the Banskia is an intriguing and educational tale that kids can easily relate to. This book is not just a 'book' it has a diverse range of ideas hidden within it's pages.
Can you make your own sweet water using a Banksia flower? Check out the water colour! I wonder what it tastes like?
Check out this awesome idea!
Get crafty and recreate the images using colours from nature. All the while learning about the native plants and their many uses!
Don't stop there! Grab your bug and nature themed stamps, puzzles and Ecosystems and hit the outdoors!
Create colourful artwork using leaves, nuts, seeds, sand and other natural objects (get creative!).
Our bug stamp cutouts are perfect for filling with colourful objects. Teach your kids the colours that can be found in nature by recreating the bugs!
Take your puzzle outside and start exploring!! Can you match the puzzle with the real life object? @dearlittlehome has captured this Silver Wattle puzzle and plant perfectly! What a way to learn about our native plants!
Take your In the Garden Ecosystem to the garden! What can you see? Is it the same as the picture? Does your In The Garden Ecosystem give you some clues where you might find your creature?

Image by @TodayOurChildren
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