Think Limitlessly Book

Think Limitlessly Book

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This book is about lifting vibrations and awareness so we can show others how they too can think beyond self, and limitlessly. These inspirational humans from across the globe have been brought together to share their stories of how they could see the impact they wanted to make on the world. You don’t need to be famous or an “influencer” to make a difference, you just need to know the impact you want to make for others and then to step forward and do it. If you want to change the future, it’s about starting today. Help us to make a difference. This book contributes all proceeds to the Raise the Baseline project where leadership programs have been developed for children to become future leaders shaping a better tomorrow and are free for students in developing countries. You can read more about the work we do at: 


Cathy Dimarchos, Oksana Kukurudza, Danielle Loader, Theresa Haenn, Karen McDermott, Hazel Herrington, Leanne Murner, Emma Weaver


Cathy is a Global Award-winning Business Advisor and Mentor to people who influence. She is a humanitarian, TedX speaker and award-winning author who’s focused on creating IMPACT. She works with ethical CONSCIOUS LEADERS and elevates them to think BIGGER. Her legacy is to elevate humanity consciously. With over three decades of experience in Finance and scaling businesses and a qualified Counsellor, Cathy is highly sought after across the world as a professional advisor and motivational voice. She dedicates her time to sharing her extensive knowledge that combines people, business, money, and situational skills to deliver tangible tools and skills so leaders thrive and accelerate growth. Her values take centre stage and business becomes honest and expressive as she helps people be comfortable with being uncomfortable, unlearn patterns that don’t serve them and helps them step forward with clarity that will enable them to reach their goals. With empathy and strategic positioning, she empowers people to establish healthy professional boundaries, to think limitlessly and to challenge norms, whilst rediscovering a curiosity of knowledge and themselves.


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