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Emotions Dice

Approx. 4 cm square - small

3yrs +

Used on its own, roll the Emotions dice and have the children give their best emotive expression!  They could be happy, sad, angry, scared, laughing or surprised.

This Emotions dice also works well paired with our Body Parts dice in a set. Roll one dice to find out which emotion they will feel and the other to find a body part.  They then need to explain how that part of their body reacts with the particular emotion rolled. Eg. the dice land on the laughing girl and the heart.  Ask the children how their heart feels when they are laughing.  Is it beating fast?  Or the dice land on the angry boy and the hands. Ask the children to pull the face and describe what their hands do when they feel angry. Are their fists clenched?  Do they wave their hands in the air?

These dice will help children to explore and identify their emotions in a fun and engaging way. 

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Educational Applications


Individuals can use these dice in solitude play to promote physical activity.

Group Setting

A game where you have printable pieces of the body parts of the dice you then get children to roll the dice and what body part it lands on they stick that part to a box. this is an amazing craft activity and the children come up with all sorts of amazing creatures.


They can be used outside as well in same way to develop gross motor, movement patterns and coordination.

Learning Opportunities 

Teaches children to love their body and how to care and respect it. Great teachable moments to teach children the functions, ways of caring, and parts of their bodies.


Approx. 4 cm square - small

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