Charli and the Christmas Bush

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Hard cover book

Printed in Australia 

22.5 x 22.5 / 25 pages

This is number 3 in the series of Australian-themed books designed to educate little minds. 

This is a great little nonfiction story based around the Australian Christmas Bush. Charli is discovering the Christmas Bush with her Poppy and how it can be used in Christmas celebrations as well and provide homes and food for Australian wildlife. This book is a great addition to a blooming nature lover wanting to get creative this Christmas.

Leanne has created these books to teach kids about Australian native flora and fauna, what they are and who needs them to survive. Leanne is busy working an another series of books teaching kids about Australian animals and their habitat, threats and how we can help. 

Leanne is passionate about the need for children to be educated on Australian wildlife and the prevention of extinction.

Charli and the Christmas Bush is an Australian themed book that does not only talk about Christmas. It also helps to educate our little one’s mind and learn about our native Australian plants, trees and birds. Krystian enjoys reading it so much and he is excited how we can turn Christmas bush into Christmas decoration!
We highly recommend this book to your kids and it’s such a perfect Christmas gift idea too!
Me and my 2.5yo son absolutely loved sitting down to read Charli and the Christmas Bush! We are a family that loves Christmas so it was the perfect addition for us just before the festive season! My son absolutely loved pointing out the different animals thought out the book and the illustrations are a beautiful compliment to the story! I also loved the fact that there is information on each of the animals at the back, so perfect for further learning for older children! We cant wait to read the rest!
Charli and the Christmas Bush is the perfect read for anyone that believes in a kind and gentle Christmas that focuses on family and sustainability. A fun way for little ones to learn more about our native flora and fauna, it could easily be a family favourite all year round.
Lena Morrison-van Velsen


Printed in Australia

Written by Leanne Murner and Illustrated by Kat Fox. 

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