Butterfly Whispers - A Poetic Tale of Transformation

Butterfly Whispers - A Poetic Tale of Transformation

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Hard Cover book

Printed in Australia 

6 x 9" / 24 pages

We are excited to bring you a new book from multi award winning author Leanne Murner.

Step into the enchanting world of Butterfly Whispers, where a single act of kindness rewards an inquisitive young explorer with a mesmerizing sequence of events.

Join our adventurer on an unforgettable journey as she rescues a delicate butterfly from the river's grasp. Delight in the heartfelt bond that transcends time and form as you experience the magic of nature’s renewal through lyrical verse.

Witness the miraculous transformation from egg to caterpillar and, ultimately, to resplendent butterfly in the profound natural beauty of this poetic journey.

In a tale that beckons to both young and old, Butterfly Whispers reminds us that life's most remarkable stories unfold even in the tiniest creatures.

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Printed in Australia


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