Activity Dice - Movement 1 & 2 & 3

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MOVEMENT DICE                                                

Approx. Small 4cm square, Large 7cm square

3yrs +

Get your children’s minds and bodies moving with these delightful die!  

Movement 1  – This dice can be used by itself to stomp, spin, clap, blink, jump or tap knees!

Movement 2  - This dice can be used by itself to walk backwards, hop on one foot, hop on both feet, jump, tip toe or crawl!

Movement 3 -  This is a great group activity to get your children’s minds and bodies moving.  There are six basic movements colour printed on each side of the dice - touch sky, star jumps, touch toes, give yourself a hug, snow angel & chair push up.

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Educational Applications


Individuals can use these dice in solitude play to promote physical activity.

Group Setting

Great group time activity to get the children to be physical. Have the children take turns at rolling the dice and do it one at a time or all do the movement together.


They can be used outside as well in same way to develop gross motor, movement patterns and coordination.

Learning Opportunities 

Promotes gross motor skills and links to learning outcome 3 in the Early years learning framework. Physical environment where children engage in increasingly complex patterns of activity including creative movement and drama. Learning through play. Develops fine motor skills by manipulating the dice to roll. Problem solving, fosters collaborative work, talk, listening, turn taking paired and work skills. Promotes confidence, social skills and language skills.


Approx. Small 4cm square, Large 7cm square

This is an all Australian Made and Owned product.

The best way to keep our raw timber resources and puzzles hydrated and well-nourished is with a natural oil or wax, like our handmade beeswax polish.  Using locally sourced beeswax combined with organic coconut oil, it is not only completely non-toxic and safe for children, it also smells fantastic!  Our beeswax polish is available for this item under Accessories and can be added to your cart before checking out.

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