My Underground Home

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Hard cover book

Printed in Australia 


22.5 x 22.5 / 28 pages

What looks like a wiggly little tube has bristles on its skin and helps protect our environment?
What eats food scraps and old plants, keeps its eggs in a band around its body and brings air and water into the soil to keep it healthy?

Discover the creature with a vital job to do by peering into its Underground World. And learn what you can do to look after our environment and help it do its very important job.

Written by Leanne Murner and Illustrated by Natalie Herington


5 STAR Review by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite
Earth's environment is a finely balanced ecosystem where billions of creatures play their part in making this planet a sustainable place to live. In My Underground Home, Leanne Murner focuses on one such creature we have all seen in our backyards, playgrounds, or gardens; the earthworm. An earthworm doesn't have a nose because it breathes through the mouth and is also known as an earth engineer because it helps break down dead roots, leaves, manure, and compost to feed the soil. With this story, you will learn how the earthworm is an excellent food source for different types of animals and functions so efficiently that it makes them irreplaceable in the environment. You will also find the three different types of earthworms, their abilities, and how they contribute in their particular ways to the planet's health.

Conservation of the environment has never been more relevant and urgent than today. With the advent of climate change and the extinction of many species, newer and future generations must acquire the required knowledge to preserve the ecosystem. This is why My Underground Home is so important, as it introduces kids to the various living beings that surround us and make it possible for us to live on this planet. Leanne Murner's playful and engaging writing style will resonate with children; they will find it educational and highly entertaining. The descriptive illustrations by Natalie Herington are the icing on the cake. So grab a copy and do your part to conserve the environment!

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